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CPE Cyber Attack Lab

Office 365 Man-in-the-Middle Attack Demo

Wed, February 02 | 12:00 PM EST

Our incident response team is seeing an uptick in adversaries using a very tricky man-in-the-middle attack to bypass MFA and breach Office 365 tenants.

Our security analyst, will give a brief tour of Varonis for Office 365, execute the attack, and show you how to use DatAlert to detect and respond.

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Here’s an outline of how the attack works:

  • We trick a user into entering creds into our fake O365 login page (made with evilginx)
  • We make Microsoft send a passcode to the user’s phone
  • User enters their passcode on OUR fake page
  • We hijack the user’s session token
  • Gain access to SharePoint Online environment
  • Exfiltrate data from O365
  • Pivot to on-prem and steal CEO’s emails (because why not?)
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Raphael Kelly Security Analyst Team Lead, Varonis

Raphael Kelly, GCIH is a Team Lead for the Incident Response and Security Architecture team at Varonis. Raphael has an consulting and automation background with experience in IT infrastructure, Incident Response, and Data Protection. Varonis’ team of security professionals provide complementary Incident Response services to all existing customers. In addition, they work with customers to operationalize the Varonis Data Security Platform and integrate Varonis into the security ecosystem.


Infrastructure Manager, US Federal Credit Union

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