No Plan Survives Contact With The Enemy: Dealing With a State-Sanctioned Cyber-Attack

Wed, September 16 | 2:00 PM BST

In the early hours of 4th May 2020, a construction company involved in critical infrastructure projects in the UK was targeted by a state-sanctioned cyber-attack. Initially it appeared to look like ransomware, however it soon became apparent that the instigators of this highly sophisticated attack weren’t wanting money; they were wanting to cause as much disruption as possible.

We invite you to join us as Ian Hill, Global Director of Cyber Security for Royal BAM Group – which at the time was involved in building the Nightingale Hospitals in the UK – walks us through the timeline of events and discusses what the key strategic decisions were to defuse the attack.

Joining him from Varonis will be Matt Radolec - Global Director of Incident Response & Forensics and Tom Rossdale, the Senior Systems Engineer who supported Ian and his team every step of the way, 24/7, throughout the experience.




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Key takeaways:

  • Why threat detection & response and data protection matter - and how to translate this as a business case to your Board of Directors.
  • What measures you can take now to be sure you are protected from future breaches.
  • How Varonis’ team of Incident Response & Forensics experts were able to neutralize the attack, and in doing so, demonstrate the power of the Varonis alerting capabilities.

Ian Hill
Ian Hill CISSP CISM Global Director of Cyber Security, Royal BAM Group
Matt Radolec
Matt Radolec Global Director of Incident Response & Forensics, Varonis
Tom Rossdale
Tom Rossdale Senior Systems Engineer, Varonis (Royal BAM Account Team)
Jody Presland
Jody Presland Senior Account Manager, Varonis (Royal BAM Account Team)
"I received the alert. I was able to disable the account, which gave me time to follow-up. Varonis’ logs showed me exactly what was deleted, and I was able to quickly recover the files."

Information Security Manager, Global Manufacturer

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