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Emotet is back and the target is everyone

The Varonis Incident Response team is responding to a surge in alerts on Emotet and Ryuk.

  • Massive, highly effective phishing campaign from multiple botnets
  • Kicks off Ryuk and Trickbot ransomware after infecting a machine
  • Brute forces AD and Wi-Fi, making your neighbour part of your attack surface
  • Ransomware groups are stealing and threatening to leak data before encrypting it

If you're concerned that you might not be able to see Emotet, Varonis and Somerford Associates are offering a Free Winter Healthcheck to ensure that you are protected from this latest threat.

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Visualize and protect against your attack vulnerability

Get a detailed, true-to-life report based on your company data, that reveals the vulnerabilities hackers will hunt for.

We'll uncover risks like:

  • ✔️ Abnormal data access
  • ✔️ Overexposed sensitive data
  • ✔️ Permissions misconfiguration
  • ✔️ Data shared with too many people
  • ✔️ Brute-force attempts against Azure AD
  • ✔️ Identify compromised or vulnerable accounts
  • ✔️ Alert on unusual activity associated with Emotet


“In the event of a data breach, we can see a clear report of who is accessing each folder, what happened to the data, and when it was lost, and we can start following the breadcrumbs. Without Varonis, we wouldn’t have those breadcrumbs in the first place,”


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