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CPE Webinar

25 AD Risks Hackers Exploit (and How To Fix Them)

Thu, 15 April | 11:00am BST

Learn how to spot & fix Active Directory misconfigurations, proactively reduce risk, and investigate advanced AD attacks. 


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About this webinar

We’ll showcase our new Directory Services dashboard featuring 25 new AD widgets - and we’ll take a deep dive into risk insights: showcasing privileged account classifications, user account vulnerabilities, and high-risk domain configurations.

We'll discuss...
  • Why attackers commonly target AD
  • How to proactively reduce risk and measure AD health
  • How to audit AD activity and detect abnormal changes
  • How to thwart pass-the-ticket attacks, brute force, privilege escalation and more
  • How to leverage Solr for responsive investigations
  • …and more
Mo Abdullahi
Mohammed Abdullahi Engineer, Varonis

All attendees will have a chance to win a €200 gift card! (or £ equivalent if preferred)

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“The level of governance and insight provided by Varonis empowered our team to detect and respond to abnormalities as well as user activity and misconfigurations.”

Al Faella, CTO, Prospect Capital Management

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