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SolarWinds Quick Response Plan


The SolarWinds supply chain compromise opened a hard-to-detect backdoor for one of the world’s most advanced threat actors to steal data and establish persistence. This is the stealthiest attack we’ve ever seen.


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About this webinar

Join Varonis’ cybersecurity team to discuss how the SolarWinds SUNBURST backdoor works, how to detect intrusion (with or without Varonis), and what steps to take now if your network has been infiltrated.

In this webinar, we'll cover:
  • Background on supply chain attacks
  • Technical analysis of the SUNBURST backdoor
  • Who is likely behind the attack and how they operate
  • How to check for signs of compromise using Varonis
  • How to respond
Matt Radolec
Matt Radolec Director Security Architecture and Incident Response, Varonis

Matt Radolec, Head of Security Architecture and Incident Response leads a global team of Security Analysts, Engineers, and Architects. Matt and team are responsible for ensuring customers integrate Varonis into their security ecosystems and can effectively detect and respond to cyber threats. Matt was recruited to varonis because of his deep expertise in building world class cyber security programs. Matt joined Varonis after holding positions like Cyber Threat Program Manager at WilmerHale and Cyber Security Technical Lead at SRA International. Matt is very active on the speaker circuit raising awareness about data security, cyber-attacks, and the power of security analytics, he maintains his CISSP, GPEN, and GCFE and shares his passion for security with everyone he meets.

“The level of governance and insight provided by Varonis empowered our team to detect and respond to abnormalities as well as user activity and misconfigurations.”

Al Faella, CTO, Prospect Capital Management

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