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Microsoft Teams Explosion: How to Prevent Data Leaks

Thursday, September 16 | 11:00am SAST

Do you know what really happens behind the scenes when a user creates a new Team in Microsoft 365? (More than you think!)

Where do files go when you share them with a Teams channel? (Hint: check SharePoint.)

How can an M365 admin see which sensitive files have been shared outside a Team via links? (Do you have an hour?)

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About this webinar

Let our experts walk you through the common challenges we see in the field and show you how Varonis can help you get the visibility and control you need to keep M365 data secure and compliant.

Join us for an in-depth technical workshop where we’ll demo:
  • Classification of personal data using pre-built rules & patterns
  • How powerful collaboration features in M365 result in complexity and pain for IT security
  • What truly happens under the hood when users share data in different ways
  • The difficult task of answering “Who has access to my data?” with the native M365 security tools
  • How Varonis enables large-scale data protection & compliance in M365


Louis de Kock South Africa Business Development Representative, Varonis
Andrew Ford Senior Systems Engineer, Varonis
Sibonello Zikalala
Sibonelo Zikalala Systems Engineer, Varonis

All attendees will have a chance to win a $100 gift card! A few of the exciting choices include, but are not limited to...

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"A few months ago, a non-HR user opened up an HR folder that contained sensitive employee salary information. With Varonis, I was able to track down the user and review exactly what they had accessed and changed."

Infrastructure Manager, US Federal Credit Union

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