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Bringing back Cat Fancy with DNS Spoofing and MITM Attacks


Join our security experts as they use DNS spoofing to redirect traffic to a malicious site.


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About this webinar

Watch the hosts of the popular YouTube series SecurityFWD use Bettercap to show off ARP spoofing and DNS spoofing to redirect traffic from the resurrected Cat Fancy website to a malicious local version. They will subsequently demonstrate how you can use a Python web server to take back control of your DNS server.

Learn exactly how an attacker can:
  • Use the Bettercap man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack tool to manipulate traffic
  • Turn your computer into the MITM to intercept DNS requests
  • Perform recon on other devices to start turning them over
  • Intercept login requests on a website
Kody Kinzie Security Researcher, Varonis
Michael Raymond Security Researcher, Retia

“The level of governance and insight provided by Varonis empowered our team to detect and respond to abnormalities as well as user activity and misconfigurations.”

Al Faella, CTO, Prospect Capital Management

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