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Maze Ransomware Attack Simulation


Join us to see exactly how a Maze ransomware attack works and how to defend against it in our attack-and-respond simulation! 


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What you'll learn...

Ransomware gangs like Maze dwell in networks for months, stealing data and leaving backdoors before they start dropping ransom notes. 

We'll teach you how big-game ransomware gangs operate and showcase common tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) that will help you prepare for an attack.

Then we'll run a step-by-step Maze attack simulation and show you how our IR team would respond using the Varonis alerts that trigger at each and every phase.

Here's an overview of the attack:
  • Trick a user into opening an infected Word document
  • Perform network recon using reverse DNS lookups

  • Kerberoast a service account that has admin privileges 

  • Find and exfiltrate sensitive files using HTTP POST commands 

  • Deploy the Maze ransomware payload to encrypt files 


Snir Ben Shimol
Snir Ben Shimol Director of Cybersecurity, Varonis
Brian Vecci_circle
Brian Vecci Field CTO, Varonis

“In terms of solutions, Varonis Edge was our MVP. Edge directed us to the computers with suspicious DNS requests, correlated them with specific users, and showed us the addresses we needed to block.” 

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