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The Road to HIPAA Compliance: Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital Shares Their Experience


2018 closed with a record high in HIPAA penalties totaling $28.7 million. If there was ever a time for a HIPAA regulation health check, it’s right now. 


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About this webinar

Join us to hear first-hand how Rick Thompson, Network Administrator at Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital, leverages Varonis to help meet HIPAA compliance. 

We'll also show you how to create an airtight HIPAA compliance program – from determining the scope of your PHI data all the way to setting alerts on non-compliant activity. 

You’ll learn: 
  • How real customers use Varonis to help meet HIPAA compliance
  • How to identify and protect PHI
  • The anatomy of HIPAA (including the final omnibus rule)
  • A step-by-step plan for HIPAA compliance and ransomware defense
Rick Thompson Network Administrator, Hugh Chatham Memorial Hospital

“The level of governance and insight provided by Varonis empowered our team to detect and respond to abnormalities as well as user activity and misconfigurations.”

Al Faella, CTO, Prospect Capital Management

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