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Rethinking Access Control: Empower Data Owners to Keep Risk Low


Why IT admins shouldn’t manage access requests and how to convince your organization there’s a better way.




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What you'll learn...

Granting and revoking access to data and applications is a constant battle for IT admins. 


In this webinar we’ll discuss why data access governance shouldn’t be an IT function and how DataPrivilege allows data owners to independently manage who can access their data—without having to wait for IT to respond to a ticket.


The right people get access to the data they need faster, and IT can focus on other mission-critical work that they’re uniquely suited to do. 


Join us to learn: 

  • The challenges with data access governance 
  • The difference between role-based access and resource-based access 
  • How to use DataPrivilege to enable data owners to manage access to their data
  • The benefits of automated entitlement reviews 


Elena Khasanova Director of Global Services Enablement, Varonis
David Gibson Chief Marketing Officer, Varonis
Brian Vecci_circle
Brian Vecci Field CTO, Varonis

"Varonis takes the onus off of IT support staff—who shouldn’t be managing departmental permissions anyway—and gives control back to stakeholders. We can finally lock down our data with confidence.”

CTO, U.S. Community Hospital

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