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Say Goodbye to
(h)Active Directory


Active Directory is hard for administrators to protect and easy for attackers to exploit. AD also holds the keys to your IT kingdom. 


Join us as we demonstrate three common Active Directory & Azure AD attacks and show you how you can effectively spot misconfigurations and other vulnerabilities. 




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About this webinar...

See how attackers exploit Active Directory using attacks like KerberoastingDCShadow, and Azure AD Skeleton Keys. We’ll show you how these attacks work and then give you actionable steps to find and fix dozens of AD misconfigurations that hackers love to exploit. 

What you'll learn:

  •  How attacks like Kerberoasting and DCShadow are carried out 
  •  What to monitor in your Active Directory 
  •  How to perform an AD health check using PowerShell scripts 

Kilian Englert Technical Marketing Manager, Varonis
Brian Vecci_circle
Brian Vecci Field CTO, Varonis
David Gibson Chief Marketing Officer, Varonis

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“We found a legacy security group that was probably created years ago that provided our desktop users with excessive permissions on accounts in Active Directory. If DatAlert hadn’t told us about it, I’m not sure we would have ever found it.” 

- Ruben Justiniano, Virginia Credit Union

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