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Tackling SaaS Security: A CISO’s Perspective


Hear firsthand how the CISO of a global communications firm that works with some of the biggest brands in entertainment, banking, and consumer goods manages his cyber risk with Varonis.

Plus, you'll be the first to see Data Classification Cloud. 


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About this webinar...

Join us for an executive-level discussion about some of the challenges with data protection in the cloud and what security teams can do to start to visualize and minimize their risk. You'll also get an early look at Varonis Data Classification Cloud.


We'll discuss...

  • The shared responsibility model—what it means and what you need to know 

  • The challenges with native cloud security solutions 

  • How to visualize and prioritize risk with DatAdvantage Cloud 

  • How to conduct investigations across cloud apps 

  • New functionality coming to DatAdvantage Cloud 

Mark Nicholls-1
Mark Nicholls Group Chief Information Security Officer, Chime Communications
Ryan O'Boyle
Ryan O'Boyle Senior Manager, Cloud Architecture & Operations, Varonis
Brian Vecci_circle
Brian Vecci Field CTO, Varonis
David Gibson Chief Marketing Officer, Varonis

"What is most powerful to me sitting at the group level is having that dashboard view, that single pane of glass, that gives me real-time information on what our risk exposure is."

- Mark Nicholls, Group CISO, Chime Communications

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