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Getting to Zero Trust with Varonis


Learn about what Zero Trust means and concrete steps you can take to implement it in practice.


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About this webinar

Curious about the principles of Zero Trust and how to implement them in practice? Hear firsthand from a Varonis customer, Stuart Browy, the Senior Director of Security at TrialCard to learn how he implemented a Zero Trust strategy to keep patient information and other sensitive data safe and secure.

We’ll discuss:

  • The principles of Zero Trust
  • How to get started on your Zero Trust journey
  • How TrialCard uses Varonis every day for their Zero Trust strategy
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Brian Vecci Field CTO, Varonis

As Field CTO at Varonis, Brian supports a wide range of security and technology initiatives by helping Varonis’ customers and partners get the most out of the company’s products. In his 20-year technical career, Brian served as a developer, tech architect, engineer, and product manager for companies in financial services, legal, and cybersecurity. Brian joined Varonis in 2010 in technical marketing, led education and development, and now serves as the company’s Field CTO. He holds a CISSP certification and frequently speaks on topics related to security and technology. He has been quoted in news sources ranging from CNN to Dark Reading and has made multiple appearances on CNBC.

“It is comforting to know we have something always watching our file servers for unauthorized activity.

Jay Attiya, Director of IT

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