CPE Cyber Attack Lab #1

Malware, C&C, and DNS Exfiltration

Wed, August 12 | 10:00 AM ET

What's behind those malicious Word macros that users just love to enable?

Watch our IR team convince a user to open an infected document, giving us a reverse shell. We'll use that connection to recon the network, run a pass-the-hash attack, and sneak some top-secret data out via DNS tunneling.


Then learn, step-by-step, how you can use Varonis to run a fast and conclusive investigation—without wasting hours stitching logs or running reports.

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About this webinar

See how Varonis uncovers indicators of compromise at every turn as our adversary:

  • Gets their victim to open a malicious attachment
  • Drops malware via a Word macro
  • Establishes a reverse shell
  • Does network recon to find interesting hosts
  • Moves laterally and elevates privileges using pass the hash
  • Exfiltrates data via DNS tunneling
Ian McIntyre-1
Ian McIntyre Security Analyst, Varonis

Ian McIntyre is a Security Analyst on the Security Architecture and Incident Response team at Varonis. In his position at Varonis, Ian helps customers understand and implement the full scope of Varonis’ detection and alerting capabilities, as well as assisting customers through cybersecurity investigations. Specific areas of interest include training SOC teams on how to analyze and triage Varonis alerts, and building full activity timelines of suspected insider threats.


Infrastructure Manager, US Federal Credit Union

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