More five star reviews than any other File Analysis or UEBA solution.

Varonis is Gartner's most-reviewed platform for File Analysis and User and Entity Behavior Analytics, with more five-star reviews than any other vendor.*

File Analysis


4.5 overall across 60+ reviews
(3x more 5-star reviews than closest vendor)

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User and Entity Behavior Analytics


4.8 overall across 50+ reviews
(2X more 5-star reviews than closest vendor)

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*As of November 1, 2019

What do real customers like about Varonis?

Across 80+ reviews, here’s what they had to say:

Responsive and Knowledgeable Support

Before AND after the invoices are paid.

“Wish all vendors were like this one.”

My team was very happy working with them, they were very responsive (and) they stayed involved and were responsive before and after the invoices were paid.

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“They make sure we get the full ROI”

Varonis provides support to make sure we get the full ROI. The capabilities they sold us have been realized, and in most cases, were as easy, or easier to implement then we were prepared for.

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Time Savings & Efficiency

Because great tools should put hours back in your day.

“A solution you will not regret. Period.”

10 days after initial installation we experienced a drive by ransomware encounter. Varonis Datalert notified me of the event and it was prevented from spreading beyond a couple of locations, total mitigation time was less than 2 hours versus a much longer and more painful event.

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"Saves countless hours..."

This is the third company I have been at that has the need for a solution of this type. I wish the other two adopted it. Classification, clean-up and ongoing use of this product have saved us countless hours of work.

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“Proven its value…”

This product has proven it's value in the time savings it provides. Manually filtering through TB of non structured data would have involved the work of several FTE personnel. The cost of the product was significantly less than the expense for additional headcount.

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Choose the platform that takes work off your plate.

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Total Visibility and Control

Know exactly what’s happening with your data and stop breaches before they happen.

“Without this product, it’s been next to impossible…”

Provided a tremendous amount of visibility and information about our data and security data about our data. Without this product, it's been next to impossible to deliver quality metadata and security data about our information. Data volumes have grown beyond home-grown and kludgy means to provide timely and meaningful insight.

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“Works like a security tool should.”

It finds all critical data and alerts on changes, accesses etc. and sends notifications to the SOC or data owner. I can find the data that is being accessed the most or the least and take action if needed. I can also easily find users who do not access data and should have their access removed. Great product!

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“Provides functionality missing from Active Directory…”

These are the types of visibility and granular easy to read visual cues that Microsoft should have built in to Active Directory and File Browsing themselves. Provides a lot of functionality missing from the Microsoft file system / Active Directory. Easy to read cues, easy to follow highlighting of broken permissions and file ownership.

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Simplified Compliance

Meet GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, and more with ease.

“PHI, PII, and GDPR…”

...a great reporting software in identifying locations where PHI, PII and GDPR are located and if all users have access to the data. It has also allowed us to identify when where and by who has moved or deleted files and or folders.

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“A powerful tool…”

Audit /Compliance can be a painful and consuming part of enterprise existence. The individuals at Varonis are highly skilled and helped us implement a powerful tool to audit file/folder access, elevated privileges, access management, and Active Directory as a whole.

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Smooth Implementation With a Hands-On Partner

From evaluation to implementation and beyond, we’re here to make life easier.

“We were not left flailing…”

The engineers are empathetic, timely and knowledgeabe and the salesperson works right along with them to ensure our needs are met. If you have a good idea of what you would like to ascertain, the implementation team can help tailor the reports and alerts to the customer's requirements.

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“Implementation and initial knowledge transfer went very well!”

Our Varonis implementation engineer walked us through the installation and configuration processes and took the time to explain what things were as we went. The engineer was very knowledgeable about the product, and therefore the implementation and the initial knowledge transfer went very well.

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“Varonis took care of most of the work.”

When I called the Helpdesk for questions or problems, a live person answered the call right away. I never had to leave a voice mail to create a trouble ticket. Implementation was almost transparent to us because Varonis took care of most of the work.

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"Even skeptics were impressed…”

The product was exactly what was described. The functionality was excellent. Implementation was very smooth. Even skeptics were impressed with how easily the product works. The reports that come out of it are full of helpful information.

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