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Varonis customers see over 500% ROI

Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ of the Varonis Data Security Platform found that customers realize 555% ROI over a three-year period. Read the study and calculate your estimated savings below.

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Forrester Consulting studied four Varonis customers and, through interviews and financial analysis, concluded that the Data Security Platform can provide significant ROI through reduced risk of a security breach, time savings when investigating alerts, improved data access provisioning, and global access remediation.

Top 5 Customer Benefits


555% ROI over three years

Customers experienced an average return of 555% when calculating the overall benefits and cost savings of using the Varonis Data Security Platform.


Remediation time savings totaling $4,795,188

Identify folders with sensitive files exposed to everyone in the organization and painlessly remediate them with automated rules.


Risk reduction benefits totaling $2,070,852

Increased visibility into what data is vulnerable and who is accessing sensitive files enables organizations to prioritize security efforts and significantly reduce the risk of a breach.


Alert investigation time reduction savings totaling $399,513

High-context alerts that combine information from critical sources such as file shares, Active Directory, email, and VPN allow you to quickly investigate and resolve incidents.


Data access provisioning efficiencies totaling $362,521

Apply Zero Trust principles and improve efficiency by giving business users the power to review and manage access controls without IT assistance.

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Prior to Varonis, we had no good way of provisioning access. I was literally just manually going through clicking on folders and provisioning access through traditional provisioning workflows.”

— Security analyst, Healthcare
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