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Brian Vecci

Technical Evangelist, Varonis

Brian Vecci is a 19-year veteran of information technology and data security, including holding a CISSP certification. He has served in applications development, system architecture, project management, and business analyst roles in financial services, legal technology, and data security software organizations. Brian currently serves as a Technical Evangelist for Varonis Systems and works passionately to help organizations of all sizes get the most value from their data with the least amount of risk.

Watch our demo to see how it works :

  • Learn how to use customizable dashboards that help you quantify risk and prioritize remediation
  • Identify overexposed data and security vulnerabilities by mapping permissions, activity, and behavior 
  • Discover how Varonis helps you meet regulatory compliance with built-in reports, a searchable audit trail, and automating access to sensitive data 
  • See how Varonis combines data classification and access governance with advanced security analytics
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