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David Knight

Strategic Sales Engineer, Varonis

With over 15 years’ experience, David Knight has helped organisations, large and small and across the public and private sector, to understand risk posture and put in place strategies to manage it. Previously, David worked at Proofpoint covering EMEA for their Data Governance, Archive, and Security Products, and prior to that worked at C2C (acquired by Barracuda) leading Support and Professional Services Globally.

Join our webinar to see how the Varonis Data Security Platform solves security challenges with a unified, integrated solution:

  • Discover overexposed sensitive data
  • Detect unusual behavior on your network (including ransomware, malware, and hijacked account activity)
  • Monitor and analyze file activity and user behavior
  • Detect and resolve access control issues and streamline permissions management
  • Automatically repair and maintain file systems
  • Automate reports, manage audit trails, and achieve compliance
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