Varonis CPE Credit Webinar

Thurs, 20 April - 14:00 GMT

Ransomware’s showing no signs of slowing down – and neither are we!

For 1 CPE credit, we'll teach you about ransomware, how you can protect your data AND demonstrate why Varonis customers have some of the fastest response times in the industry.


Attend our CPE Webinar to discover:

  • Warning signs of an impending ransomware attack
  • The most recent ransomware threats (Cryptolocker & its variants, Zcrypt, Locky, and more)
  • How Varonis customers:
    • Use DatAlert to detect suspicious behavior and insider threats
    • Stay up-to-date defending against the latest ransomware variants
    • Discover which files were affected and how to recover quickly

If you would like ISC2 CPE credits for attending, please make sure to submit your ISC2 member number in the form.


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