Varonis CPE Credit Webinar

Thursday, June 15th - 2pm EDT

Are you successfully identifying and defending against ransomware? 

Most organizations are unaware of ransomware until it has wrecked havoc on their data. By then, it's all about remediation. Join us and learn how you can proactively defend against the continuously evolving ransomware threat.

Attend this session to learn:

    • The top 5 signs you’ve been hit with ransomware
    • The most recent ransomware threats (WannaCry, EternalRocks, and more)
    • How Varonis can help you:
      • Proactively detect ransomware and identify files that have been encrypted
      • Reduce the attack surface of Ransomware by locking down access controls

 If you would like ISC2 CPE credits for attending, please make sure to submit your ISC2 member number in the form.


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