Matt Radolec

Security Architect Manager, Varonis

Matt recently joined the team at Varonis as Security Architect Manager, from WilmerHale LLP, where Matt held the position of Cyber Threat Program Manager. He was responsible for a wide range of security functions, including security operations, security architecture, incident response, forensics, while managing a team of analysts and engineers.

During this masterclass you will learn:

  • What are the common enterprise security stacks we see, and what works well together
  • How to use Varonis + your SIEM hand-in-hand to speed up time-to-resolution
  • Why many SOCs still struggle to answer the question “Is our data safe?” after an attack (and how to ensure you can)
  • How Varonis’s hi-fidelity threat models help reduce the noise in your SIEM (and hopefully lower your bill!)
  • How to contact the Varonis Incident Response Team to help you with a security incident
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