How many users and groups are in your Active Directory? 

Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands?  Managing permissions to networked file shares at scale is hard.

Are you managing permissions requests ad hoc?  Running around with your hair on fire?  Making mistakes?

Want to learn how to make managing file share access both easy for IT and secure for the business?

This whitepaper will teach you 4 steps that can help meaningfully improve your file share management processes.



Why finding data owners is critical to data migration success.
The common challenges in identifying data owners.

Native system auditing is often slow and unwieldy and the logs are difficult to search. 

Answering questions about who is doing what is next to impossible.  There’s a better way!

11 Things IT Should Be Doing (But Isn’t)

This free whitepaper outlines 11 things that most IT departments aren’t doing, but should.  As a result, sensitive data is unprotected and being accessed by the wrong people, expensive storage is littered with stale data, and access controls are broken.  Which of the 11 things are you missing?


Unlock the Four Steps