Our Free Risk Assessments are so actionable, consultants try to charge for them.

It’s true: our assessments pinpoint your vulnerabilities so accurately, others have tried to white label and sell them.

That's because they give you concrete steps to prioritize and fix major security risks and compliance issues in your data, like:

  • Global access, stale data, and inconsistent permissions
  • Overexposed sensitive data like PII, HIPAA, and PCI
  • Non-compliant access and authorization processes
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"It's not a priority right now."

-The six most regretted words in IT

If you had a breach tomorrow, what would you lose?

Would it have been worth spending 90 minutes to avoid?

You can't protect what you don't know is vulnerable, and "We didn't know" isn't an excuse your customers will accept.

A Free Risk Assessment will open your eyes to your unknown weak spots—fast, and without adding work to your plate.


Of surveyed customers identified at-risk sensitive data after performing an assessment


See where you're exposed and simplify compliance

Get a detailed, true-to-life report based on your company data, that reveals the vulnerabilities hackers will hunt for.

Use the report to generate a prioritized remediation plan, get buy-in from leadership, and map out what you need to do next to meet regulations.

Why spend thousands or invest hours of your own time when we'll help minimize your risk of a breach for free?

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"We immediately identified areas to work on improving, and were able to prioritize those according to business requirements. It's a quick and painless snapshot into your enterprise data sets which may reveal all sorts of secrets you didn't know were lurking out there!"

IT Manager, Vernalis PLC, assessed in 2018

Less than 90 minutes of your time. Zero impact on your environment. Yes, really.

Fast & Hassle-Free

A dedicated engineer will do all the heavy lifting for you: setup, configuration, and analysis. Your time investment is minimal.

Completely Customized

Your security assessment is completely tailored to your needs, regulations, and configurations to deliver insights you can act on.

Invisible and Nonintrusive

Varonis monitors millions of events per day for the biggest enterprises on the planet. We won't slow you or your system down.

97% of surveyed organizations confirmed that the Varonis Data Risk Assessment took as much or less time than they expected


93% of surveyed organizations confirmed that the Varonis Data Risk Assessment caused zero disruptions to their IT environment.

Get a Custom Risk Assessment
"It was demonstrated very quickly that this is a product that works."

"When we first did the risk assessment, there were a few eye-opening things: the sheer amount of customer data on our network, and the quantity of data that we could take off the network right away and not miss a beat."

Ron Mark , Innovation & IT Manager , Gas Strategies

Think you've got access, permissions, and stale data under control?
So did they.

Last year, we assessed a sample of 6.2 billion files, 459.2 million folders, and 5.5 petabytes of data for 130 companies across 30+ industries.

had over 1,000 sensitive files open to every employee
had 100,000+ folders open to everyone
had over 1,000 stale sensitive files
And it only gets worse.
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Getting started is as easy as having a conversation.

Contact us today to discuss how we'll conduct a free risk assessment customized to your organization's needs, regulations, and configurations.


"We were able to identify data that was sensitive and delete it upon the scan, and continue to meet PCI requirements because of this... it is an eye opener once you figure out what type of data you have out there."

Chris Gomez , Senior IT Architect , University of Southern California


"The Varonis Data Risk Assessment helped us identify our at-risk sensitive and classified data and build a plan of attack to reduce the likelihood of a data breach."

Fabio Roccatagliata , Chief Security Officer , D’Amico Societa’ di Navigazione